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Smart Relaxation Tape

Smart Relaxation - targeted for you!

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  • 119 euroa
  • Phone or Skype

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This service is a Smart Relaxation tape targeted for you only. I will create a tape for you based on one conversation over phone or meeting online. I will gently lead you to trance, leading both your body and mind into an incredibly wonderful, healing state, as deep as you will allow yourself to follow. Relaxation on your own can be challenging, but this tape will assist you to success. I will listen to your hopes and issues you might want to bring up on your tape. This tape is about relaxing deeply, improving your state of mind and elevating the quality of your life on a daily basis. Relaxing your mind and body activates your hormonal system to release positive hormones. Endorfin, dopamin and oksitosin will concure your body, overwriting the effects that hurry and stress may have caused by releasing all those stresshormones during your day. Realxing your mind and body daily - you may concur incredible effects in your life. You will become more positive and energised, falling asleep is easier and you will sleep better than ever before! Make a booking right now for a call or you can also call me 0504446344. I will deliver your tape by e-mail or via social media - just as you wish - latest in only 5 days. Smart Relaxation tape created just for you is a Smart Treatment for your brain and mind. All you need to do is to listen, relaxing and allowing yourself to go into your own space, as often as you can.


Voit peruuttaa varaamasi 1-on-1 session maksutta 48h ennen ajanvarausta. Ole hyvä ja ota yhteyttä asiakaspalvelijaasi sähköpostitse maksun palauttamiseksi. Koskee vain 1-on-1 varauksia. Ei koske kursseja. Muissa tapauksissa maksua/varausmaksua ei palauteta, poikkeuksena esitetyt lääkärintodistukset.


+ 358 50 4446 344

Yliopistonkatu 23, Turku, Finland A 3, 3.krs

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