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01 clinical hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy is available with on Fridays, evenigs wnd weekends. You can book an appointment by phone +358504446344 or creating a booking here.

I am a student of Clinical Hypnotherapy till June 2019. When graduated, all the prices in Clinical Hypnotherapy become valid. Until that day, the price is open-ended for you to value and set the price of my Clinical Hypnotherapy service. 

There is only one uncompromising rule. If the customer does not show at all, I will charge the full price of the service. Cancellations arrived less than 24h prior to the service, I will charge half of the price. There is flexibility only with a medical certificate. If you have a problem or a symptom that is optimal to treat with hypnosis, please book a "Clinical Hypnotherapy Session" from our booking. If you wish, you can send me an e-mail with a short description of your symptoms to be dealt with. 

Open-ended price is not valid concerning weight control or quitting smoking or any programs of ours. More info or from here.

Hypnoosi auttaa moniin fyysisiin oireisiin, jotka haittaavat normaalia elämää. Mm. Nukahtamis- ja nukkumisongelmat, kivunlievitys, surun käsittely, masennus, ahdistus- ja...
Kliininen Hypnoterapia
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02  GOLD YOUR MIND courses
Gold Your Mind courses are designed according to newest researches and my own experiences. We will go deeply into the basics of humanity. Understanding and adapting these features into your life will automatically lead to more extensive  compassion and understanding towards yourself, environment and companions. 

Gold Your Mind - course is a great, new start of life to everybody, but especially for you if you walk your life in the mindmap of your past. You may have wounded by something somebody said, or loosing someone significant or some thing that was valuable for you. Wounded by love. Or, perhaps you feel, that you never are able to reach what you want and desire. Or, perhaps there is an inner voice repeatedly telling you that you are not good enough. Gold Your Mind-course will give you a new perspective, a new starting point to your life, new possibilities to think of and helps you to see all the good things in your life behind all the busyness and stress. You may learn a new way to live your life, inspired and thrilled, more present, more as yourself in every moment.  You may learn to give yourself precious moments without continuous reproaching yourself. Positivity, understanding yourself, honour and compassion towards yourself are the keywords to both - change and balanced, happier life. 

You will learn to calm your mind and thoughts with several different ways. I use different techniques in all practises for you to find and choose the best for you. You will learn to guide your mind into new, more positive places, reforming your mindmap where change is more than possible. You will receive a huge informational package of the benefits calming your mind on a daily basis!


Gold Your mind is 4 days and the first group starts on sunday 2nd June at 10am. 

Content of the course you will find from here. 

Ask for more information from here.

Gold Your Mind - GYM I 31.1.-2.2.2020 klo 10-16 4 päivän mielenhallinta kurssi, jolla opit kaiken itsehypnoosin tekniikoista, erilaisia meditaatiotapoja ja opit rakentama...
Gold Your Mind I 31.1.-2.2.2020
Alkoi 30.tammi.
03  other 1-on-1 sessions
I use the phenomenons of hypnosis and NLP in other 1-on-1 sessions as I find the most beneficial. I have noted more than strongly that experiencing feelings and changing them is a very rewarding method. Realisations created by the customer are the most powerful force when it comes to changing yourself. Discussion is also one of my tools. 

Human being is a creature with huge resources of physical and psychological abilites as a whole. We live, experience and react in our lives continuously and sometimes our way to react is not based on facts. Our behaviour forms along with our past experiences, performing our past. Especially our attitudes towards ourselves and our environment require a change - for the desired change to step in. That is why I really want to get to know you well and why I find the 2h session to be the most beneficial.

I have created several different kind of services, please find yourself the one that is closest to your desires from here.

My own personal will to contribute to this beautiful world actualises with my decision to work with 1-on-1 sessions on fridays with open-ended pricing. It is then for you to define the price of the service. There is only one uncompromising rule. If the customer does not show at all, I will charge the full price of the service. Cancellations arrived less than 24h prior to the service, I will charge half of the price. There is flexibility only with a medical certificate. 

Open-ended price is not valid concerning weight control or quitting smoking or any programs of ours.

Any questions? Ask me: or from here.

Hypnoosin avulla tehtävä hoito, jossa etsitään alitajunnastasi, sisimmästäsi syy elämääsi rajoittavaan ajattelutapaasi ja muutetaan se sinun parhaaksesi. Tapaamisessa kar...
Love Heals All
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04 weight control


Weight control is successful with a positive mind!

You may have tried to lose weight with some diet or maybe several different ones - but your results have not been permanent. Even a thought of a new effort to start all over again, all the denials and difficulties, makes you feel so, so heavy?  

I want to tell you that by all means - losing weight is not at all heavy! On the contrary!

Weight control is inspiring work for your own good, to beautify your body, to encourage the wellbeing of your body systems. 

Lifting the spirit in your mind, increasing happy moments and bringing beauty to you, into your heart!

Weight control is actually a gift for yourself!

Weight control is not something to do alone, but together with others. Together, sharing joy, inspiration, success and enjoying every step taken! Targeted numbers on the scale are not the "thing". But.. The "thing" is the cheer and joy are found in every gram lost, in every sorrow, grief and stress gone with the weight loss. Your body and mind are more than happy to release all the excessives to carry on a daily basis, all you need to do is to redirect your mind. And you will feel joy in your whole body, in your every cell. Joy of the future wellbeing concurring your body from day to day, more and more.!

You are to set your mind first for your body to know how you will feel in the future. And when your mind sets the direction for your body, your body will inevitably follow to the direction desired, set by your mind! And all you need to do is to monitor your body changing, the figures going down the scale, with a smile on your face. Your desire is your future!!!

Hanna is losing weight (04/2018) in the blog for 2 kg - in addition to already lost 10 kilos in one year period of time - within two months. Come and follow how easily it happens! When the focus and mind are set, everything is possible!

Come and join our happy and inspired group and lose a few kilos before the green grass and summer are here! 

Book your seat from here!

Please note Membership benefits!!!​

Valjasta alitajuntasi hoikistumaan puolestasi! Päivän aikana mennään hieman pintaa syvemmälle syihin, seurauksiin ja motivaatioon. Saat mukaasi kannustavan ja motivoivan ...
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