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clinical hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

Can somebody hypnotise me to do something funny?

Without me knowing?

How and where to is hypnosis good? To what problems is hypnosis beneficial?

When hypnosis is not recommendable?

No, I can not hypnotize you unless you want me to. I can not hypnotize anyone without their will. I can not change even one thing in a person if it was against their values. Not in conscious state nor in hypnosis. But - when we come to the fictionary movies of a person hypnotized and performing something unknowingly - there is a point. It is possible for oneself to make changes in their spirit, their inner core, so it is very important that a person giving hypnotic treatments is a professional and understands the power of subconscious and the great affect that words have during the trance. Inner change is possible, but it does not occur unless the client wants it. 


What is the most important, Clinic Hypnotherapy is always processed with the medical doctor, especially treating the same disease or symptoms. I can not highlight enough of those magnificent achievements and wonders that our medical science is able to do today. Depending on the symptoms, being physical, it is always recommendable to consult a doctor first for a diagnose and medical treatment. Hypnosis is a wonderful, assisting and supportive method in healing or dealing with an illness in life. 

Hypnosis is recommendable to almost everyone. If you read the page Gold Your Mind and found the information of altered states of consciousness, you already know that trance is very natural state of mind and reaching such a state does not necessarily require a therapist. Self hypnosis is though sometimes difficult, so me as your therapist and the tape we create for you will speed up the results wanted.

what is the procedure in the session? 

Hypnotherapy always starts with a conversation. Meaning, hypnosis is not a magical trick but the issue is orientated as properly and thoroughly as possible. After the conversation I always tell the customer what will happen during the trance. This way there are no big surprises during the session and relaxing is secure. My primary goal is that the customer may just lean back and take in all the good there is about to come.  First appointment takes about 2 hours.

Hypnotic part of the session starts with an induction which will; help the customer to go into trance and helps to forget all his or her stressful thoughts for a while, let go for a few moments and to concentrate to form the trance to him or herself. 

Then the trance is deepened to a state required and the customer is monitored all the time to recognize the changes of the trance state. How deep the trance ever is, the customer is all the time aware of the real world, hears everything and is of course able to interrupt the sessional any point if wanted. 

When the trance is achieved the therapy begins. Therapy can be something like changing believes, or perhaps working with inner parts of the self. As a professional hypnotherapist I am able to choose good, safe and working methods. In the end of the therapy I usually give a few positive suggestions to have a great feeling when coming out of the trance. 

Coming out of the trance happens pretty quickly. The goal is to have the customer feeling refreshed and convenient instead of groggy. Everybody come out of trance without any assistance in the end, but it is very fast with the therapist. 

After the session I don´t usually discuss too much of the events in the therapy because I´d rather not have the analytical mind analysing it all. Sure I will take in feedback of the trance and sensations, or if the client has some new insights occured during the trance. Here I offer a glass of water and make the next appointment if wanted. Second session takes about 1,5 hours. In most cases hypnotherapy takes 2-6 sessions only.  

yes to clinical hypnosis therapy?

Hypnosis is great for a lot of conditions. Hypnosis gives relief to many physical symptoms that are disabling normal daily life. Sleeping disfunctions, pain control, anxiety, panic disorder, fears, fobias, stress relief, learning dysfunctions, allergies, motivation, life control, anger, skin problems, IBS and all digestive system disorders, cancer treatment side effects reduction, self esteem, weight loss, menopause, addiction - these are some of conditions that hypnosis helps. If you carry with you a condition not mentioned here, please contact me!

With hypnosis you can also relax and go to the edge of slow brainwave states. It is possible to teach your body and mind to relax and concentrate to go to these very deep and curing states of mind. I am developing a program to find a peace of mind and balance to perform a better life, every day. The purpose of this program is to raise the level of individual happiness, the joy in the everyday life, of the everyday life. I take a few first, highly motivated and willing to take part into the first group. If you are interested in taking part, please contact me!

All hypnosis is self hypnosis in the end. An altered state of consciousness willingly created by the client him or herself - where everything is possible! The Hypnotherapist is the one to assists the client to focus and relax to reach the trance wanted - gently and safely - where the practise is procedured and the exact, right words are said.

no to clinical hypnosis therapy?


There are some cases where I do not recommend or offer my services. If the customer has psychotic tendency, schizophrenia or if the clients reality is anyhow become unreal, I can not help. In tis case I recommend psychiatric or psychotherapeutic services. 


If the client is taking psychotherapy on a weekly basis, it may be great if he or she takes the time to end that therapy before coming to clinical hypnotherapy. In some cases though, it is possible to deal with different symptoms. In any of these cases, choosing to have Clinical Hypnotherapy it is always necessary to consult the psychotherapist or the doctor.